The Practice Of Holding A Funeral

No one is spared from the inevitable fact of life, which ironically is death. Your loved ones, family, friends and your enemies will one day have their own funeral and be buried among those who came before them. Indeed, you should never take your life nor the lives of others for granted. One day, when most of your loved ones are gone, you may find yourself feeling as though you are all alone in this world, and you may regret a lot of things.

You may regret not saying sorry for something stupid, not saying “I love you” enough, not heeding advice or words of wisdom, hurting people close to your heart, not saying yes to a request, and other things, big or small, that you just brushed off before.

FuneralWhile there may be videos, photos and memories to remember people by, those will never be enough to replace a lost part of one’s life. It is always hard to lose a loved one, never to touch or to hear him / her ever again. Things will definitely never be the same again. While the sadness may last a lifetime, the most heartbreaking are usually the first couple of days or weeks of a person’s loss, with the day of finding out being the worst of them all. It is also during this heart wrenching moment that arrangements must be made for the body.

Almost every death, if not all, is accompanied by a funeral.

This is done to honor the person’s life. How the memorial service will be conducted usually depend on the wishes of the person who died. However, there are times when he may not have prepared for his funeral arrangements. In such an instance, it is usually the dead person’s immediate kin who chooses his funeral arrangements for him. After all, a dead person can’t really do it himself now.

What is done with the body varies depending on the person’s religion.

Christians usually bury the body without undergoing cremation. But as time passes, cremation has become more and more accepted, although burial is still their preferred practice. The practice among Hindus is that if the person who died is already of age, he will be cremated. If the person who passed away is but a child, he will be buried. For Islams, the body should be buried only. This rule is strict. The body cannot be cremated.

This sacred practice of holding funerals has existed since time memorial.

Every human civilization has been known to conduct their own ritual dedicated to the dead. Even the early Neanderthals conducted their own burial practices dating back to 60, 000 BC. Early Egyptians would mummify their dead as they wish them a safe journey to the afterlife. The early Greeks would cremate their dead on funeral pyres. Various catacombs can be found throughout Rome and are some of Rome’s most sought-out tourist destinations today.

There are a number of reasons why humans conduct this peculiar practice.

It is a way to honor and pay respects to the dead who once lived a life where he loved and was loved. In some cultures, it is also a requirement in order for the soul to reach the afterlife. Whatever the reason is, it shows that human beings are capable of showing care and concern even to those who cannot anymore reciprocate or communicate with the living. This sets humans apart from the all other creatures of the Earth. People are capable of not only reacting to the life that unfolds before them, but also to what may be beyond death.

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7 things to look for in SEO consultants

Effective advertising is essential in increasing brand awareness. Sales come in when there are more people who know about your product or service. To reach out to as many people as you can, you need an expert who know a great deal about advertising especially search engine optimization. If your business website doesn’t appear on the first page of a search engine, you need to work harder. It is essential that a user finds you right away if you want your business to grow. Find SEO consultants who can help you achieve whatever goals you have for your business.

An SEO consultant is an advertising expert who helps businesses get better search results rankings.

They help reach out to as many users as possible to bring more traffic to the website.Finding one for your business can be tricky though.There are thousands of consultants out there and it’s difficult to look for the perfect one.

Consider these seven things to help you decide which SEO consultants to consider for your business.The consultants past clients. A good SEO consultant should be able to provide you with a list of clients they have worked with including their contact information. Get a hold of these clients and ask them if the consultant can indeed deliver what is promised.

seoKnowing the consultant’s past clients should tell you if he is indeed able to work on a specific SEO campaign, and if he is effective as a consultant.The techniques used by the consultant.To avoid scams, ask the consultant what his methods and techniques are in driving up traffic. They should be able to tell that including the time it will take for the website to drive up rankings. A consultant should also discuss what problems may arise and how he plans to resolve it.

Your mode of communication. Getting in touch with clients on a regular basis helps ensure good business relationships with them. Before starting to work on a project together, ask the consultant how he plans to communicate with you. Is he okay with you calling him over the phone, and is he comfortable to also communicate via email? Also, you need to find when he plans to report any updates or changes on the website.

The terms and payments. When you google consultants, youare more likely to find out the best ones (on the first page) but it will cost you a lot of money. However, there are SEO consultants out there who are willing to work hard at a reasonable cost. There are consultants who would ask for a percentage of the sales as payments. This is okay as it would ensure that they really would work hard forit.

seo consultantsDo they give you a guarantee of success?If SEO consultants give you a 100% assurance that you will be successful overnight, do not hire them. It takes time, patience, and hard work to boost web rankings and increase sales. It doesn’t happen overnight.Do the consultants follow website guidelines? You need to find out if theconsultantsadhere to the search engines guidelines like Yahoo and Google. They usually have best practices every consultant needs to follow else you could get penalize for it. The worse that could happen is you could get banned from both of those search results.

Ask if the SEO consultant has experience with local search results. This is especially important for start-ups or small businesses. Local SEO means if a nearby user searches for keywords that’s related to your business, your website should appear. Ask the consultant if he knows how to do this. If he doesn’t, move on to another one.

SEO consultants could make or break your company. Make sure you choose the best one.

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How to Improve your Plain Outfits with Customized Patches

If you want to give your plain outfits different colors or designs, then you may want to put customized patches on them. These great art pieces come in a wide range of options that would match your different needs. The various options allow you to mix and match different designs and turn your plain attires into more elegant pieces or give them a stylish chic touch. Whether you are planning to put it on your shirt or jeans, these art pieces are sure to add the finishing touches to any of your plain attires.

Tips on Picking Clothing Patches

The following are important tips that could guide you in picking the right art pieces for outfits:

•    Pick the right shape according to the size of the outfit where you are planning to put it. The shapes of these pieces range from simple round or square shapes to complex ones
that are sure to add an edgy look to your clothing.

•    Check the materials used. Whether you choose an embroidered one or something with iron on backs, you need to check whether the materials used are fade resistant. Check if it is machine washable or if it requires special washing instructions. Embroidered ones are basically uncomfortable and stiff, so picking those that are made from flexible and durable materials is best, especially when planning to put it on clothes you wear regularly.

•    Pick a theme and matching designs. You want to remove the dullness of your plain outfits so a vibrant or a contrasting theme is a great option. Common designs available are sports logos, popular brand logos, cartoon characters, zodiac signs, initials, and basic shapes. If you want to tone down the design a bit, you can pick those that come in basic shapes and in colors that match the outfit yet still standout. For some who would like a more vibrant theme, picking designs with beads, sequins, or plastic gemstones are great options. If a more unique design is what you want, you can always buy customized ones from a reliable company.

Once you have chosen your designs, the next thing that you’ll have to do is attaching the patches to your clothes.


Simple Steps on Attaching Patches on Your Clothes

Here are some simple steps you can follow in attaching your chosen pieces to improve your casual wear:

–    Heat them up.
If you have purchased those with iron on adhesive backs, you can simply apply heat over the patch and you are done. Make sure that the area where you want to put it is clean and you are doing it on a flat surface. This can prevent small bumps from forming as you iron it back and forth.

–    Sew them on.
The most basic yet most effective step in keeping a patch stay in place for a long time is by sewing it. Pin the patch over the areas you want to keep it in place while you sew. Just make sure to use a matching thread color to conceal the thread or use a contrasting thread color to make it look like it is part of the design. Make a clean run over the edges to ensure that the patches are attached securely.

–    Attach them with Velcro.
If you don’t feel like keeping a single design on your clothes, you can choose to get those that can be attached using Velcro strips. These options allow each piece to last longer as you can remove them before washing.

Before you permanently attach patches on your clothes, it is recommended that you lay out your clothes first and adjust each piece just to prevent it from looking crowded. Once you achieve the look you want, pin each piece or follow instructions on how to attach it properly.

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Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit board or PCB is composed of various conductive pathways or traces such as copper wires and fiberglass to support an electronic power system. This is also called a Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) because of the number of electric components it has.

The printed circuit board has four different types, each having distinct features, complexity, and power levels.
• Single-sided

This kind of circuit board is considered the simplest and the easiest to make. Its name is derived from its one-sided structure which means wires are printed only in one side. The other side contains holes and traces where the wiring and other components are attached and fused together with the leads that pass through the other side. Unfortunately, it has simple and limited circuit features which give low power, so it cannot be used in large or complex gadgets/devices.

• Double- sided

The only difference this has from the single-sided circuit board is that both sides contain the same circuit patterns. This is generally used when the electronic components are too many to be put on one side of the board. It goes without saying that the component concentration is significantly higher and its design and lay-out is more complex. The double-sided circuit board is also divided into two types. To know about electronics devices visit

• Plated Trough-Hole (PTH)

This kind has substrate circuit insulators which are intertwined together in a metalized hole.

• Non-Plated Through Hole (Non-PTH)

This one is almost the same with one-sided (both do not need plating) and much cheaper than the plated one. The components in these boards can be taken out any time since there are limited fusing terminals on both sides of the board.

• Multi-layered Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit BoardsAs the name suggests, it is made of multiple layers of copper wires and conductors. The board is made through putting one fiberglass after another until it reaches two to ten (or even more) layers. Each layer is connected with plated-through holes—making its circuit pattern simpler. Obviously, making this kind of circuit board requires precision and accuracy. That is why it is important to use computer programs for design assistance. Although the entangled circuits may sometimes cause signal and frequency failures, its overall advantages are greater compared to those of other types of circuit boards.

• Flexible circuit boards

This is not considered a major type of circuit board because the materials used are mainly of plastic origin. These kinds of boards are commonly used in televisions, digital cameras, and other complex devices and technologies. Like the other two, it can have a multi-layered circuit board. Interestingly, flexible circuit boards are known for their heat resistance.

There are two other types of circuit boards which are strongly related to PCB. Both are considered circuit boards because they’re similar to PCB in terms of function and looks.

• Integrated Circuit (IC)

This is a silicon chip which contains numerous circuit components on the surface of a very small chip. This is also popularly called as microchip. It functions in the same way as PCB does.

• Hybrid Circuit

This one is different from PCB because it contains components which are placed on the substrate instead of being soldered onto the outer surface.

The printed circuit board in general, regardless of its type, is inexpensive but highly beneficial. Effort and determination is required in understanding its complex system. It has a wide range of uses, from your traditional beepers to high technology cellular phones and advanced computer systems. The printed circuit board can also perform one or multiple functions—it all depends on how it is going to be used.

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Pros and Cons of Custom Coins

Custom coins are small metallic pieces that are designed by a customer. Having these coins have pros and cons such as the following:


• Unique.

custom coinsYou can have a coin that’s truly unique. It can also be made only for a few people, and having such a coin may be considered as a privilege. Some organizations and groups have coins that are available only for their own members – these items symbolize that they belong to the team, and this is the reason why outsiders are forbidden to have them. Consider getting personalized coins if you want something that is exclusive only to you or your group.

• Versatility.

Custom coins have a lot of uses. They are collectible items and are good gifts for a coin collector. They can strengthen bonds between team members. They can boost morale and motivation, especially if the coins have encouraging messages or memorable histories. They can serve as proof of membership to a special organization. They can be used to educate children about how to count money, and they can also serve as role-playing toys for them. These coins may also be turned into other things such as dog tags, paperweights, and bottle openers. You might find other uses for these coins when you brainstorm with your friends.

• Challenging.

Acquiring custom coins are challenging for both the collector and the designer. Since these coins are not freely available, collectors will have a fun time searching for them. Designers will also enjoy designing the coins and seeing what coin manufacturers can contribute to their work.


• Tedious.

It goes without saying that getting your personalized coins requires some efforts. You need to create a design for the coins, seek a manufacturer who is able to make the specific kind of coin that you want, juggle expenses, discuss with the makers, wait for the finished products, etc. It’s easier to just buy a finished coin that somebody else has designed.

• Expensive.

Generic coins are usually cheaper compared to custom ones because it takes less work to make them. Customization requires artwork, shaping molds, preparing enamel paints, fashioning engraving tools, and the likes. You also have to pay for the materials used aside from the labor.

• Rarity.

The rarity of custom coins may sometimes work against your favor. If you want to have to get a copy of a customized coin, you may have a hard time finding one unless you get the template or the item and have a coin manufacturer reproduce it for you. People may not be familiar with your coin as well since customized coins are not usually mass produced.

Working around the Cons

• Prepare.

It’s not that hard to customize a coin but you do have to plan for it. Set aside time for designing the coin and for talking with the manufacturer. Explore your options, do price comparisons, and ready your budget for the expenses. If you’re too busy or stressed, delegate some tasks to other people such as designing coins, sending image files, coordinating with the manufacturer, receiving the shipment, etc.

• Consider the coins as investment.

Many coin collectors don’t practice their hobby only for fun. They also consider it as a financial move since they can sell the coins whenever they like. Maintain your coins and choose valuable metals for your coins so you can offer them at a high price later on.

• Customized coins’ rarity does not need to be a problem.

For as long as you can acquire a sketch or a picture, you can easily have copies made for you. You can likewise mass produce your customized coins. Some companies make them up to the hundred thousands.


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Five Easy Ways to Invest in Long Island Real Estate

PropertyPurchasing Long Island real estate is more than just buying a place to live. Investing in a property has become very popular in the last five decades and is now a common investment for those who want to earn a steady stream of cash. Even though the real estate market has numerous opportunities for making huge profits, acquiring real estate could be more complicated compared to investing in intangible assets like bonds and stocks. The goal of this article is to introduce you to buying real estate as an investment.

1.Property Ownership

This type of investment is basically rental property. This is an investment as old as the practice of land ownership. You can easily purchase a property and rent it out for tenants. Your responsibility is to pay the real estate tax, mortgage, and maintenance expenses. You can also charge these expenses on top of the rental fee to gain a monthly income, though most property owners in Long Island are patient and charge minimal rent for expenses until the mortgage has been paid in full and a large percentage of the rent will become income.

2.Real Estate Trading

Real estate trading is a more dynamic form of investment in this industry. Similar to stock traders that are not physically in touch with stock investors, real estate traders are also several leagues away from real estate investors. Traders in real estate purchase properties and hold them for a certain period, usually not more than a year, with the ultimate goal of making a profit. This is also known as flipping real estate and is based on purchasing properties that are currently in demand in the market or considerably undervalued.

3.Long Island Real Estate Investment Group

A real estate investment group functions like a mutual fund for rentals but without the hassles of land ownership. A company usually develops or purchases a condo building or an apartment block then finds investors to purchase them through the investment group.

4.Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

REIT is established when a trust or a company uses funds from investors to buy and operate income properties. These trusts are purchased and sold on the primary exchanges similar to any other kind of stock. Usually, a company is required to pay 90% of its profits in dividends to maintain its REIT status.

5.Real Estate Leverage

Aside from REITs, acquiring real estate will allow investors to leverage opportunities. If you want to purchase a stock, you need to pay the full value of the stock at the same time you purchase the property. Even if you are purchasing on margin, the amount that you can borrow is still less than the value of the property.

Similar to any kind of investment, there is tremendous potential in Long Island real estate. However, this doesn’t mean that it will be a guaranteed profit. Hence, exercise caution in choosing your options and consider the advantages of disadvantages of each viable investment type.

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Using Logo Lanyards for Effective Promotional Marketing

To help your brand succeed, you need to use effective marketing tools to your advantage. Among the most overlooked but most effective tools you can use for marketing your brand are logo lanyards.

The Benefits of Using Lanyards for Marketing

There are several reasons why using a lanyard can help you succeed in branding your company. Some of the reasons are as follows:

These lanyards are worn on the neck, and are almost at eye level. This makes your product and company name easier for people to see and remember.

You can attach a lot of things in your lanyard. One of the most popular uses of a lanyard is holding IDs. If the potential client checks the name of the company representative he or she is talking with, he or she will most likely see the name of the company printed on the badge.

Logo lanyards are powerful tools for self advertising. The company’s phone number, website and name can be printed or embroidered directly on the lanyard. If your company offers the branded lanyards to possible clients, they will be reminded regularly of your business.

Logo LanyardsA lanyard provides a subtle but powerful message to both existing and potential clients. It is much easier for your customers to keep in mind who you are as well as the name of your company.

Where You Should Use a Lanyard?

Although you can bring in new clients by having your employees wear a lanyard almost everywhere they go, this marketing approach is not always effective or even possible. You can make it an effective marketing by adding your company’s name on it and logo. Word of mouth advertising, together with logo lanyards, will help increase the number of clients who walk through your doors.

Another way to successfully market your product using this tool is by sponsoring a local or community event. You can give these items free of charge. Think about it, there are lots of individuals who are joining the event may end up wearing your company logo around their neck. This is a very effective advertisement and help bring in more customers. Some of the events your company may wish to sponsor are as follows:

•    Author Signings
•    Beauty Pageants
•    Breast Cancer Awareness Walks
•    Church Functions
•    Concerts
•    Dog Shows
•    Motivational or Training Seminars
•    Speaking Engagements
•    Sporting Events
•    Trade Shows

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to marketing with the help of a lanyard. You can find regional or local events that will let you become a sponsor and donate as many of these marketing tools as you want. You can distribute these lanyards to as many participants as you want, or you can take it to the next level and offer them for the audience also.

If you want to purchase quality lanyards for promotional purposes, make sure that the lanyards you choose are safe to use, comfortable to wear, and functional. If you want your potential clients to remember your business, it is important that your company logo or name is printed on the lanyards. It will serve as a very effective marketing tool.

Make sure that your lanyards have the right color and design that will fit the event. For instance, for breast cancer awareness events, use pink lanyards with the right message printed on the lanyards. Other occasions and events may have a specific color for the occasion so make sure you are aware of this. Before ordering your logo lanyards, make sure that you have all the needed information about the events. Finally, choose the supplier that can provide you quality products at a reasonable price and within a reasonable time. offers quality Logo lanyards at affordable prices.We have the finest customer service staff in the industry and our prices, service and quality are unbeatable.

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A Guide on How to Purchase Golf Accessories Online

In golf, you will not just be needing clubs and balls. You would also have to use certain accessories which can enhance your performance and help you become more comfortable in playing the sport. Some of the accessories used in golf include umbrellas that protect you from the sun, gloves that will help you grip efficiently and golf tees that are essential for striking balls.

Nowadays, golf accessories are not just available in shopping malls. They can also be purchased in online stores. The only things you’ll be needing to buy golfing goods online is your credit card and computer. It may sound easy but purchasing online involves a lot of issues as well. There may be a time that a customer will not get the order he wants within the expected shipping duration. There may also be an instance that an item doesn’t really match the golfer.

To help you avoid these problems, here is a guide on how to buy golf-related items online.

Looking for the right golfing goods store

Before you purchase golf-related stuff online, you must first find a store that sells them. It’s very easy to look for online stores or sellers but looking for the right one can be tricky sometimes because there are sellers that scam their buyers. Some will just take your money and will not ship your order. You must choose a store that is reliable and recommended by many golfers. So, when you do your research on a store, it’s important to look for reviews about it.

Golf accessoriesMake sure you read the store’s terms and conditions. It is recommended to pick a store with positive reviews. When choosing a store where you will buy your golfing goods, you should also consider its offers. Does the seller offer discounts or freebies when your order reaches a certain amount? You must go for a seller or store that has reasonably-priced items. If a store has great offers and is reliable, don’t hesitate to buy from it.

Buying the accessories you need

You must also be careful in ordering the items you want in an online store. If you’re not careful enough, you might encounter certain problems with your order. Before you add something in your cart, better read the product’s description first. Don’t forget to check all the item’s photos and customer reviews as well. Did they find the product effective? For golf equipment like golf balls, clubs and bags, you must consider the weight of the item. Is the weight of the item suitable to you? When buying wearable golf accessories such as gloves or visors, you must ensure that they are going to fit well. Same thing goes when it comes to buying shoe spikes. They must be appropriate to the type of golf shoes you bought.

To avoid buying wrong-sized items, it is recommended make the necessary measurements. It’s also recommend to research on the product’s brand and the materials used to make it. Doing research on these will actually help you ensure that the product is of excellent quality. It will also let you figure out if the item is suitable for you or not. Some golfing goods are not really suitable to some golfers. Better buy an item made by a trusted brand. It doesn’t have to be a super popular brand. If you’re a new golfer, it is much appropriate to buy goods that are recommended for beginners like you. Don’t buy items for pro golfers yet. Don’t be in a hurry, you’ll be one someday.

Paying and waiting for the item

To ensure satisfaction, it’s essential to choose the items that you like the most. Once you’re done finding the golf accessories you want to purchase, the next step is to order and pay for them. Be careful when entering your credit card information in the store’s order form. The store where you will buy the products should be secure. The accepted payment methods must also be applicable to you. If not, better find another sporting goods store instead. After paying for the item, take note of the date the order arrives. If it didn’t arrive on time, better inform the store about that matter.

Checking out the goods

If your order finally arrives, don’t hesitate to check it out. If you’re a new golfer, don’t be scared to try how the item works. Find out if there are damages or missing parts. If there are problems with the items you ordered, make sure you discuss that matter with the store’s staff. Ask them whether the item can be replaced. If your order has no problems at all, you can start using it in your games. After utilizing the products, make sure you write a review about your experience. Let your fellow golfers know that the store is a good one and you’re satisfied with their service. If you’re not happy with the results, let them know your opinion as well. Writing reviews is a good way to guide your fellow golfers in choosing the right online store from which they could buy golf accessories.

Rockbottomgolf is one stop solution for golf accessories at discount prices. Golf GPS and golf rangefinders, golf gloves, golf tees and more!

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Why Movable Cubicles Make for Great Modern Day Housing

Movable Cubicles have been around for quite some time. Traditionally, people associated the use of these portable containers with storing excess belongings that no longer fit in the house such as old furniture, clothes and appliances. They make a great alternative to the old fashion facility storage unit wherein individuals would have to drive to the storage center to deposit or retrieve their belongings. This was a bit of a hassle to some people since they had to exert all of that effort and waste their precious time on this task. Not to mention, they would also have to spend some money on gas to make the trip.

The option to have a portable cubicle within a person’s property eliminated all of these inconveniences. It also allowed people to keep their valuable belongings nearby so it became a popular way of storing items. These days, however, there is a new trend that is emerging when it comes to the usage of a portable cubicle. Individuals are now using these cubicles as a lodging both for residential and commercial purposes.

Movable Cubicles have been especially designed to be sturdy and resilient so that it can withstand different weather conditions. They are also waterproof so when it’s raining or snowing outside, moisture doesn’t get inside of the cubicle. The floors of the containers are typically made of plywood while the walls are constructed from corrugated steel. They come in different sizes starting from 25 ft all the way up to 45 ft high.

Movable CubiclesHomeowners who are need of an extension to their living areas can also benefit from these containers. These can be transformed into a habitable space such as a bedroom or a playroom that can either be placed inside or outside of the house. Those who have a big bedroom or living in a studio style apartment can compartmentalize their space by using these containers.

Movable Cubicles have been designed to be multipurpose. They can be customized to fit any environment. Typically, they come in earthy colors such as dark brown or beige. However, both the interior and exterior of a cubicle can be repainted to make its aesthetic reflect the personal taste of its owner. Most suppliers offer services for basic customization.  Some modifications that can be done include adding windows, shelves, lighting and air-conditioning. Additional security locks can also be affixed on the swing doors for those who are concerned with safety. Most manufacturers offer basic customization options but those who are thinking of making extensive alterations can always hire a contractor to assists them with their customizations needs.

These portable containers are strong enough to be stacked on top of each other. However, most suppliers don’t have the necessary equipment to achieve this result. They will however deliver the containers to the customer’s location of choice. Customers should expect approximately around three to four business days before these containers are delivered to their location. Some cities require individuals to get a permit before they can store a portable container inside of their property. Individuals should check in to see what the rules are in their area so they can make the proper arrangements.

Movable Cubicles are available as rentals for those who only need them on a temporary basis. Those who are planning on transforming their containers into housing should make a purchase. Making major modifications on a rental is prohibited by the manufacturers. These portable containers are a great housing alternative since they could be modified in accordance with one’s needs and specifications. They can be useful both for residential purposes and commercial use. More and more people nowadays are turning to them since they are affordable and easy to manage

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How to hire a motivational speaker

Motivational speakers can provide the motivation, inspiration and boost your company, group, association or club need in order to be more productive. It is therefore mandatory for you to do your research before hiring a speaker for your event. A hasty decision can lead to an unproductive speaker which can cause more damage than repair.

Here are a few things you need to consider before hiring a motivational speaker for your event.

First on the list is your event’s budget. Motivational speakers don’t come in cheap. Their price ranges from $2,000.00 all the way to $100,000 per session. The budget should be your first consideration. By identifying how much your organizer is willing to shell out to pay for a speaker, you can easily set the parameters and requirements for hiring your speaker.

Once the budget is established, identify which type of motivational speaker you would want to employ. Currently there are three kinds you can choose from. Funny motivational speakers use humor and laughter to convey a message. Content rich speakers are employed when the goal is to convey a lot of information in one sitting. Storytelling is another form of motivational speech that uses actual stories and experiences of the speaker to inspire a specific group of people (i.e. cancer patients, war victims, prisoners etc.)

Motivational SpeakerYou can find motivational speakers in three different ways. You can go old school and ask people you know who might have had the chance to employ one, for references. This is perhaps the easiest way and the most effective. You can go around and ask other associations, organizations and clubs around for their feedback. You might also want to go and contact a speaker bureau who can refer you to motivational speakers on their list. Most speaker bureaus charge a commission fee of around 25% to 30%. Keep this in mind when hiring a speaker because with this commission fee rate you will have little room for negotiation. Of course you can always resort to searching for them on your own, using search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Based on your theme, budget and preference, select the top 5 speakers that you can choose from. This is to ensure that there is plan B, C, D and E in case plan A doesn’t work to your advantage.

Start contacting your top five to determine their price and availability. Do this preferably a month or so in advance. Most companies are employing speakers nowadays and if your choice is among the most popular you might find that his schedule does not fit your event date.

Do your research about your top five choices. The following should be included in your research:

• Price

• Availability

• Expertise – do they write books as well? Do they have a blog? Do they provide consultation and follow up activities.

• Testimonials of satisfied and unsatisfied customers

• Their written biography – background and experiences delivering speeches

Present your research to the committee who will decide which speaker would be invited to your event. If your research is thorough and well prepared it shouldn’t take long before they could come up with a decision. Remember that time is of the essence. You would want to book a speaker as soon as possible and to avoid last minute changes.

Once the speaker is decided, learn to negotiate. There are other means, wherein a speaker can earn money in your event. They could set up a booth where they could sell their books, a Tradeshow booth to sell their items or future referrals to other events that need their expertise. Compromising this way can give you the leverage to work your way around their price and bring it within your budget.

Lastly seal the deal by signing a contract identifying the terms of the agreement. This is also to ensure that come hell or high water, your speaker will be there during your event.

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Features of a Perfect Live Chat Service Provider

serveThere are lots of live chat service providers that have been coming out on the web these days. In spite of the fact that they all promise to provide best instant messaging software, only a few were able to provide the complete messaging experience that consumers deserve. Definitely, finding the right chat service provider is not an easy task.

There are several ways on how you will be able to determine which provider can provide the best chat service from the mediocre ones. But, there are some features that should be found in your instant messaging software to help your site. 

Here are some features of a good live chat service provider:

Real-time Exchange of Messages

chatYour provider should be able to provide your messages instantly. The main feature of any live chat software is the real-time exchange of messages. Some slight delay can be acceptable, but this should not occur regularly and the delay should not take longer. If in case your provider will not be able to do this, then maybe they have decided to give attention on other features – an obvious case of service deprivation. But, you should be able to distinguish a messaging delay as a result of a system malfunction from the one caused by your service provider.


One of the important things you need to remember is that your instant messaging service should be easy to access. The messaging services should not be restricted to the utilization of the internet through your desktop. Most of the online chat software has done innovation with their programs so that consumers will likewise be able to access them using their smart phones and mobile handsets. This is an amazing feature as you can access your inbox and forward and send messages anywhere and anytime.

Different Applications

Your provider should not be restricted only to instant messaging. There should be several forms of communication which they can use. One of the most popular features is the use of speaker, webcam and microphone. Your communication should be able to go further. Your provider should also provide you the ability to send files like word documents and images so that external software would not be needed. You should be able to customize your messages by using different font colors, styles and smileys. The more features for messaging the better, as long as they will not affect the actual messaging features.

Service Maintenance

Your live chat service provider should carry out a regular maintenance of their software. They should monitor if their systems still function perfectly and continue to provide their users efficiently. A slight glitch can transform eventually into a bigger server problem. But, these series of maintenance should not be a problem to the users who entrust their company and personal transactions to their software. They should be able to carry it out well and fast.

Service Upgrades

A reliable online chat service provider must be able to enhance their programs with the growing demands of their users. Your provider should innovate and enhance their messaging capabilities regularly. The provider should make sure that you are updated and get rid of the features that no longer provide the purpose.

Partnership to Other Online Websites and Applications

The latest trend in providing live chat service these days is cross partnership. It is best if you will be able to link your instant messaging contact details to your other social media accounts. 

Some providers may be able to provide more services than others. Choosing the best live chat service provider is not exactly a walk in the park, but it is definitely possible by simply focusing on the features mentioned in this article.

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