How to Improve your Plain Outfits with Customized Patches

If you want to give your plain outfits different colors or designs, then you may want to put customized patches on them. These great art pieces come in a wide range of options that would match your different needs. The various options allow you to mix and match different designs and turn your plain attires into more elegant pieces or give them a stylish chic touch. Whether you are planning to put it on your shirt or jeans, these art pieces are sure to add the finishing touches to any of your plain attires.

Tips on Picking Clothing Patches

The following are important tips that could guide you in picking the right art pieces for outfits:

•    Pick the right shape according to the size of the outfit where you are planning to put it. The shapes of these pieces range from simple round or square shapes to complex ones
that are sure to add an edgy look to your clothing.

•    Check the materials used. Whether you choose an embroidered one or something with iron on backs, you need to check whether the materials used are fade resistant. Check if it is machine washable or if it requires special washing instructions. Embroidered ones are basically uncomfortable and stiff, so picking those that are made from flexible and durable materials is best, especially when planning to put it on clothes you wear regularly.

•    Pick a theme and matching designs. You want to remove the dullness of your plain outfits so a vibrant or a contrasting theme is a great option. Common designs available are sports logos, popular brand logos, cartoon characters, zodiac signs, initials, and basic shapes. If you want to tone down the design a bit, you can pick those that come in basic shapes and in colors that match the outfit yet still standout. For some who would like a more vibrant theme, picking designs with beads, sequins, or plastic gemstones are great options. If a more unique design is what you want, you can always buy customized ones from a reliable company.

Once you have chosen your designs, the next thing that you’ll have to do is attaching the patches to your clothes.


Simple Steps on Attaching Patches on Your Clothes

Here are some simple steps you can follow in attaching your chosen pieces to improve your casual wear:

–    Heat them up.
If you have purchased those with iron on adhesive backs, you can simply apply heat over the patch and you are done. Make sure that the area where you want to put it is clean and you are doing it on a flat surface. This can prevent small bumps from forming as you iron it back and forth.

–    Sew them on.
The most basic yet most effective step in keeping a patch stay in place for a long time is by sewing it. Pin the patch over the areas you want to keep it in place while you sew. Just make sure to use a matching thread color to conceal the thread or use a contrasting thread color to make it look like it is part of the design. Make a clean run over the edges to ensure that the patches are attached securely.

–    Attach them with Velcro.
If you don’t feel like keeping a single design on your clothes, you can choose to get those that can be attached using Velcro strips. These options allow each piece to last longer as you can remove them before washing.

Before you permanently attach patches on your clothes, it is recommended that you lay out your clothes first and adjust each piece just to prevent it from looking crowded. Once you achieve the look you want, pin each piece or follow instructions on how to attach it properly.

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