Pros and Cons of Custom Coins

Custom coins are small metallic pieces that are designed by a customer. Having these coins have pros and cons such as the following:


• Unique.

custom coinsYou can have a coin that’s truly unique. It can also be made only for a few people, and having such a coin may be considered as a privilege. Some organizations and groups have coins that are available only for their own members – these items symbolize that they belong to the team, and this is the reason why outsiders are forbidden to have them. Consider getting personalized coins if you want something that is exclusive only to you or your group.

• Versatility.

Custom coins have a lot of uses. They are collectible items and are good gifts for a coin collector. They can strengthen bonds between team members. They can boost morale and motivation, especially if the coins have encouraging messages or memorable histories. They can serve as proof of membership to a special organization. They can be used to educate children about how to count money, and they can also serve as role-playing toys for them. These coins may also be turned into other things such as dog tags, paperweights, and bottle openers. You might find other uses for these coins when you brainstorm with your friends.

• Challenging.

Acquiring custom coins are challenging for both the collector and the designer. Since these coins are not freely available, collectors will have a fun time searching for them. Designers will also enjoy designing the coins and seeing what coin manufacturers can contribute to their work.


• Tedious.

It goes without saying that getting your personalized coins requires some efforts. You need to create a design for the coins, seek a manufacturer who is able to make the specific kind of coin that you want, juggle expenses, discuss with the makers, wait for the finished products, etc. It’s easier to just buy a finished coin that somebody else has designed.

• Expensive.

Generic coins are usually cheaper compared to custom ones because it takes less work to make them. Customization requires artwork, shaping molds, preparing enamel paints, fashioning engraving tools, and the likes. You also have to pay for the materials used aside from the labor.

• Rarity.

The rarity of custom coins may sometimes work against your favor. If you want to have to get a copy of a customized coin, you may have a hard time finding one unless you get the template or the item and have a coin manufacturer reproduce it for you. People may not be familiar with your coin as well since customized coins are not usually mass produced.

Working around the Cons

• Prepare.

It’s not that hard to customize a coin but you do have to plan for it. Set aside time for designing the coin and for talking with the manufacturer. Explore your options, do price comparisons, and ready your budget for the expenses. If you’re too busy or stressed, delegate some tasks to other people such as designing coins, sending image files, coordinating with the manufacturer, receiving the shipment, etc.

• Consider the coins as investment.

Many coin collectors don’t practice their hobby only for fun. They also consider it as a financial move since they can sell the coins whenever they like. Maintain your coins and choose valuable metals for your coins so you can offer them at a high price later on.

• Customized coins’ rarity does not need to be a problem.

For as long as you can acquire a sketch or a picture, you can easily have copies made for you. You can likewise mass produce your customized coins. Some companies make them up to the hundred thousands.


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