The Practice Of Holding A Funeral

No one is spared from the inevitable fact of life, which ironically is death. Your loved ones, family, friends and your enemies will one day have their own funeral and be buried among those who came before them. Indeed, you should never take your life nor the lives of others for granted. One day, when most of your loved ones are gone, you may find yourself feeling as though you are all alone in this world, and you may regret a lot of things.

You may regret not saying sorry for something stupid, not saying “I love you” enough, not heeding advice or words of wisdom, hurting people close to your heart, not saying yes to a request, and other things, big or small, that you just brushed off before.

FuneralWhile there may be videos, photos and memories to remember people by, those will never be enough to replace a lost part of one’s life. It is always hard to lose a loved one, never to touch or to hear him / her ever again. Things will definitely never be the same again. While the sadness may last a lifetime, the most heartbreaking are usually the first couple of days or weeks of a person’s loss, with the day of finding out being the worst of them all. It is also during this heart wrenching moment that arrangements must be made for the body.

Almost every death, if not all, is accompanied by a funeral.

This is done to honor the person’s life. How the memorial service will be conducted usually depend on the wishes of the person who died. However, there are times when he may not have prepared for his funeral arrangements. In such an instance, it is usually the dead person’s immediate kin who chooses his funeral arrangements for him. After all, a dead person can’t really do it himself now.

What is done with the body varies depending on the person’s religion.

Christians usually bury the body without undergoing cremation. But as time passes, cremation has become more and more accepted, although burial is still their preferred practice. The practice among Hindus is that if the person who died is already of age, he will be cremated. If the person who passed away is but a child, he will be buried. For Islams, the body should be buried only. This rule is strict. The body cannot be cremated.

This sacred practice of holding funerals has existed since time memorial.

Every human civilization has been known to conduct their own ritual dedicated to the dead. Even the early Neanderthals conducted their own burial practices dating back to 60, 000 BC. Early Egyptians would mummify their dead as they wish them a safe journey to the afterlife. The early Greeks would cremate their dead on funeral pyres. Various catacombs can be found throughout Rome and are some of Rome’s most sought-out tourist destinations today.

There are a number of reasons why humans conduct this peculiar practice.

It is a way to honor and pay respects to the dead who once lived a life where he loved and was loved. In some cultures, it is also a requirement in order for the soul to reach the afterlife. Whatever the reason is, it shows that human beings are capable of showing care and concern even to those who cannot anymore reciprocate or communicate with the living. This sets humans apart from the all other creatures of the Earth. People are capable of not only reacting to the life that unfolds before them, but also to what may be beyond death.

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